Harrysong has a problem, needs prayers - Kcee blows hot (Video)

Harrysong has a problem, needs prayers – Kcee blows hot (1)

Kcee (left) Harrysong (right)

By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Singer and co-founder of Five Star Music, Kingsley Okonkwo, widely known as Kcee, has strongly criticized his former signee, Harrysong, for stating that he wrote a significant portion of Kcee’s hit tracks during his tenure with the label.

Harrysong has persistently accused Kcee and his brother, E-Money, of unjustly controlling his musical rights.

Furthermore, Harrysong has laid claim to the authorship of many of Kcee’s popular songs.

However, Kcee has countered these assertions in the latest episode of the Afrobeats podcast.

Kcee recollected that during the time he won in the Star Quest talent show with his former musical partner, Presh, and subsequently signed with Kennis Music, Harrysong was residing in his village with his grandmother.

This period saw the release of three albums under Kennis Music, raising questions about Harrysong’s involvement in the creation process.

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Revealing the substantial time gap since Harrysong’s exit from Five Star Music—eight years—and his continued success outside the label, Kcee emphasized that Harrysong’s achievements stand independently of his association with Five Star Music.

Expressing concern for Harrysong’s well-being, Kcee suggested that Harrysong may be grappling with personal challenges, including conflicts with his spouse and former manager, Soso.

Kcee concluded by stating the importance of offering prayers for Harrysong’s welfare.

Kcee said, “When I won Star Quest, Harrysong was in the village with his grandmother. I did three albums with Kennis Music, did Harrysong write those? Harrysong has a problem, we need to pray for him. Jokes apart, we need to pray for him.”

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