Peter Obi is simply an opportunist - Bwala


Obi at AFCON

A former spokesman of the the PDP presidential candidate in the last election, Daniel Bwala has lashed out at former LP presidential candidate, Peter Obi, describing him as an opportunist.

Bwala, in a tweet on Wednesday said Obi is not playing the role of opposition but opportunism.

“Obi does not play opposition, but opportunism. He takes advantage of vulnerabilities of the nation and its people like a predator.

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“He uses religion, ethnicity, natural disasters and even sports. Until NFF supporters’ club member told him to “F” off,” he tweeted.

Bwala added: “Peter Obi wants to govern Nigeria using catchphrases and buzzwords; consumption to production; China, Malaysia, Egypt etc. What does he know about governance?

“Pretending he cares for poor masses, go and ask how much he pays his staff in all his companies; and come back and explain to me the true meaning of modern day slavery.”

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