Sahad Stores: FG must focus on saving Nigeria than engaging in rascality - Peter Obi

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Peter Obi

Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi says the Federal Government should focus on saving the nation from further collapse rather than engaging in rascal actions portraying the administration as heartless and thoughtless to the litany of challenges facing Nigerians.

Obi, in series of tweets on X on Saturday, said he read the reports of the reopening of Sahad Stores, Abuja, which was earlier closed by the Federal Consumer Competition and Protection Commission (FCCPC) on Friday.

“I thank the Commission for heeding the voice of reason and reopening the business without further delay. The closure was not a well-thought-out option in the first place. Going forward, I would like to again, advise the government to avoid any further show of rascally behaviour that brings more pain to the people.

“The earlier sealing off of the business, just like pulling down people’s houses, and many uncaring and insensitive actions of the government, are not what we need as a nation, at this time of extreme difficulties in the land,” Obi said.

The former Labour Party’s presidential candidate added that “the government should rather focus on saving the nation from further collapse and on building the economy, rather than engaging in rascal actions that portray the administration as heartless and thoughtless to the litany of challenges facing the Nigerian people.

“We are at a time in our country where local businesses are closing down and foreign investors are losing faith in our economy due to not perceiving further growth in the economy and stability in the system.”

He lamented that more people were being thrown into unemployment and poverty, with unemployment rate soaring higher than ever before.

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“Should we then be taking actions that will undermine the existence of the few remaining businesses we have and throw more people into unemployment?

“Nigerians are looking up to the government, in keeping with their many promises of building a better economy, to provide pragmatic solutions to the burning issues of galloping inflation, rising hunger, widespread poverty, and insecurity,” he said.

According to Obi, the many outcries by citizens in different states over the rising cost of living, should nudge the government into visible actions that would ameliorate the pains of the people, saying closing down existing businesses over alleged offences is not the solution to the nation’s economic challenges.

“In a productive economy with abundant supply of goods and services, issues like hoarding of products and disparity in prices, as was being discussed, would have no place. This is because, through healthy competition, market forces would adjust prices accordingly.

“Instead of focusing on fixing prices, the government can focus on building a productive economy that will ensure adequate production of goods and services.

“I urge the government to take urgent actions to stem this rising tide of hunger in the nation and ensure sufficient production of goods and services. Moving the nation from consumption to production, which has remained my vision for the New Nigeria, is needed now more than ever,” Obi added.

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