Why Nigeria is broke, experiencing hardship - Reno Omokri


Buhari and Omokri

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

A former presidential spokesman, Reno Omokri on Tuesday said Nigeria is broke and experiencing hardship because former President, Muhammadu Buhari borrowed more than all previous administrations combined.

Omokri, in a tweet said things are hard in Nigeria because fuel subsidy had been ended, and the Naira is being floated.

“And the reason why is that Nigeria is broke. And Nigeria is broke because General Buhari borrowed more than all previous governments combined.

“We cannot keep borrowing to consume. Please fact-check me. If we keep borrowing, we will only pass the hardship to our children. Let us bear it now and pass prosperity to the next generation,” Omokri stated.

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He said manu celebrities currently doing videos just wanted to trend as they neither understood the issues Nigeria is facing nor did they care.

“Others are unhappy with the result of the last election and are weaponising the current hardship to bring down the current administration. Listen, I, Reno Omokri, urge you to stand with Nigeria. Not with Tinubu. Tinubu is just a temporary occupant of Aso Rock. Whether in 2027 or 2031, he will leave one day,” he said.

Omokri charged Nigerians to patronise made in Nigeria goods and brands rather than patronise foreign goods and brands.

According to him, “nobody is coming to save Nigeria. It is only Nigerians that will save Nigeria. Local brands may or may not be as good as foreign ones, but with continued patronage, they will improve in quality.

“Buy them, and your Naira will rise along with your personal happiness and the international rating of the green Nigerian passport. Your value is tied to Nigeria’s value. Buy Nigerian and Nigeria’s foreign reserves, trade balances, and debt to GDP ratio will automatically improve.”

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