Omniverse 2024: CroXapp affirms support for economic growth through logistics

CroXapp: Transforming logistics in Nigeria with innovative Peer-Peer parcel delivery

Omniverse 2024: CroXapp affirms support for economic growth through logistics

Crox Technologies LTD, a company specializing in peer-to-peer logistics through its platform, Croxapp, has reiterated its dedication to advancing financial inclusion and entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Samuel Oluwayemi, CEO of Crox Technologies LTD, made this statement during the Omniverse Summit 2024 held on Friday in Lagos.

Omniverse, co-founded by Innovation Support Network (ISN Hubs) with support from GIZ/Digital Transformation Center Nigeria (GIZ/DTC Nigeria), serves as a convergence point for various stakeholders spanning across sectors, including development partners, public entities, regulatory agencies, academia, startups, finance professionals, media, and the creative industries.

Samuel emphasized the company’s commitment to creating earning opportunities for Nigerians during their travels and facilitating faster and more cost-effective parcel deliveries.

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CroXapp acts as a bridge between parcel senders and travelers heading towards the same destination as the parcel.

“Our presence at the Omniverse Summit 2024 reveals our belief in the vital role of fostering innovation to tackle the logistics challenges and economic downturn, not only in Nigeria but globally.

“With Croxapp, travelers can earn extra income by delivering parcels during their journeys, making their trips more cost-effective. Meanwhile, parcel senders benefit from cost-efficient and timely deliveries, bypassing the traditional, often cumbersome, logistics services “.


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