How the opposition can take power from Tinubu – CUPP

Mark Adebayo

Mark Adebayo

The Coalition of United Political Parties has called on opposition political parties to re-strategise so they can take over from President Bola Tinubu in 2027 in order to provide better governance for Nigerians.

The CUPP’s spokesman, Mark Adebayo, said this in a chat with P.M. News on Monday.

He said: “Let me say that the opposition has been active and engaging in responsible opposition activism in a way to ensure that the ship of state is not wrecked entirely. A lot of Nigerians believe that the opposition should do more considering the current sordid state of affairs in the country. We can only assure them that we will continue to consolidate and ensure that we speak in their defence and interests at all times without compromise. We will never abandon our core mandates of being the voice for the voiceless and vulnerable in this country. We will continue to partner with patriotic organizations and other non-state actors to ensure that the government is put on its toes to do the right things for the benefits of Nigerians and the progress of Nigeria without let or hindrance.

“I think it’s very important for all opposition elements to re-strategise with the purpose of providing credible alternative to Nigerians as against the current backwardness and ensure that all contending influences are consolidated to ensure that we win in 2027 in order to give Nigerians the positive respite they desperately need. Working at cross purposes as an opposition is essentially counterproductive and gives the government the unnecessary freeway to escape critical scrutiny. I am confident that the opposition will reorganize and re-energise in due course for a more effective opposition activism. We are already on that course of action by our current consultations with critical opposition stakeholders. Last week we paid a courtesy and consultative visit to the national chairman of African Democratic Congress, ADC. This week, the consultative meetings continue with Action Alliance and other opposition political parties after which we’ll come out with a comprehensive plan of actions”.


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