Blaming Tinubu, Buhari will not solve Nigeria's problems - Ex-Minister


A former Minister of Works, Sen. Adeseye Ogunlewe, says it is needless blaming the country’s present challenges on President Bola Tinubu or the immediate past administration.

Ogunlewe, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Lagos.

He said that blaming either administration would not provide solutions to the country’s present problems or offer any hope.

The ex-minister said Buhari did his best when he was president and President Tinubu was doing his best to fix the economy and other national challenges.

Ogunlewe urged citizens to be patient with the present administration in its efforts to deliver the results of its various reforms, to put the country on the path of prosperity.

“Nigerians should be patient with President Tinubu at this period in time. The president has them at heart and will never do anything that is against their interest.

“His reforms and policies will take time to materialise. Yes, anything that is a drastic departure from what we are used to will cause some pains, but if we are patient, everything will be rectified.

“Again, I do not think people should be talking about inherited problems. I don’t think we should be drawing a line between Buhari administration and Tinubu administration as both administrations are APC.

“People should stop saying these things to de-market APC. And if people are saying all these to pit Buhari against Tinubu, it will not happen; they have failed already.

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“So, there is no need blaming anyone for the present challenges. Reforms come with pains and President Tinubu knows the problems. With some patience, the president will turn things around,” he said.

On the Edo governorship election scheduled for September, Ogunlewe said it would be hard for him to say which party would win.

He said he was not familiar with Edo politics and might not be able to give an informed view on the possible outcome of the election.

“I am in Lagos and I understand Lagos politics, so I can speak on it.

“But regarding who will win in Edo, I am not familiar with their politics over there. I do not know what the politicians are doing and so, I cannot give an informed view.

“As much I want APC to win the election, I do not think I can predict the outcome,” he said.



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