Why I intervene in Labour Party politics - Ajaero


Joe Ajaero

The President of the Nigerian Labour Congress,  Joe Ajaero, has denied that his intervention in Labour party politics comes from  a personal political interest.

He said his  intervention in the Labour Party was in the interest of the party.

Ajaero,  who was speaking with The Nation on Wednesday night, said: “I have no ambition; I am only trying to finish what my predecessors started.

“Somebody said Ajaero wants to be president in 2027. Have I filled the form of any political party? What I am doing now, is it different from what other presidents of NLC did? Abdulwaheed Omar president was during the time of Dan Iwuanyawu. We he even had to boycott the convention in Ondo State and set up a caretaker committee then.

“What I am trying to implement now is the MoU signed between Ayuba Wabba and Julius Abure. I have not even done anything. They were in court. It was Femi Falana that rescued it and there is no convention that brought Abure.

“So, for trying to enforce the MoU has become that I want to be president. It wasn’t that Ayuba or Omar wanted to be President. I am following the trajectory.

“During Omar’s time, we had to intervene after the meeting with Olusegun Mimiko and set up a caretaker committee. Ayuba was in court with Abure until he signed a MoU that by June 2023 he will handover. He begged to be there till after the presidential election and after that time he (Abure) doesn’t want to handover. He has overstayed.

“It is a court judgment that declared that the NLC is the owner of the party and that we have to do an all-inclusive convention from 2018 till now. Now he (Abure) is saying the NLC is a meddlesome interloper.

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“What we are saying is that he (Abure) should abide by the MoU he signed with Ayuba. So, should I abandon what people who came before me agreed on because I don’t want people to say I want to be president?

“If you signed an agreement, you have to live by it. Ayuba engaged this process more than I have started; Omar, the same thing. During Omar’s time, I was the chairman of the political commission and we engaged this process.

“Have you seen a party that conducted their national convention without ward congress, local government congress and state congress? How do you determine the delegates? Who are the names he sent to INEC for the convention? Which convention produced Abure? Which date? Where was he elected chairman of the LP?

“Have you heard of any party that secretly went to do their convention? Check the INEC rule and even the constitution of Nigeria. No ward or local or state congresses.

“It is the people from the ward congresses that will elect the local government delegates. The local government delegates will produce the ones going for state. That is how it is done.

“When we talk some people will react. Were they there when we formed the party? Where was Arabambi when we formed the party in 2003?


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