Reno Omokri reveals 'two things men need more than sex'

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Controversial media personality Reno Omokri has offered advice to married women.

He emphasized the importance of wives embracing their husbands and providing a sense of calm upon their return from work.

Omokri urged women to avoid instigating conflicts or arguments upon their husbands’ arrival home.

Stating the importance of creating a calm environment within the home, he warned that failing to do so might drive husbands to seek solace elsewhere.

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According to Omokri, men prioritize respect and peace over sexual intimacy.

He cautioned that any woman capable of providing these essential elements to a man stands a chance of winning his loyalty, regardless of his moral standing.

“When your husband returns from work, hug him and calm him to wash away the stress of the day. Don’t wait for him to return and pick a fight or continue the quarrel you had with him before he went to work.

Make your home a sanctuary for him or some other woman will start working on him at work. There are two things men need more than sex, respect and peace.

Any woman who can give a man that will succeed is stealing him from a woman who deprives him of that, no matter how holy he is.”

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