Faye sworn in as Senegal's President, pledges to build prosperous country


President Faye sworn in

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Bassirou Diomaye Faye, was today sworn-in as the President of Senegal, even as he pledged to build a prosperous and peaceful country.

In an elaborate ceremony in Dakar, the nation’s capital, Faye said “Before God and before the Senegalese Nation, I swear to faithfully fulfill the office of President of the Republic of Senegal, to observe as well as to scrupulously observe the provisions of the Constitution and the laws, to devote all my forces to defending the constitutional institutions , territorial integrity and national independence, to finally spare no effort for the achievement of African unity.”

He added that “As I speak to you today, I am reminded of the painful memories of the martyrs of Senegalese democracy, the amputees, the wounded and the former prisoners. I will always keep in mind the heavy sacrifices made in order to never disappoint you.”

To friendly countries and partners, he reiterated Senegal’s commitment and openness to exchanges respectful of the sovereignty, consistent with the legitimate aspirations of the people in a mutually winning partnership.

Faye said Senegal, under his tutelage, would be a country of hope, a peaceful country, with independent justice and a strengthened democracy.

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“This is my promise, on the strength of the oath that I have just taken before this august assembly. Alongside my peers, I reaffirm Senegal’s commitment to strengthening efforts for peace, security, stability and African integration.

“I am aware that the results coming out of the polls express a deep desire for systemic change. Through my election, the Senegalese people are committed to the path of building a sovereign, just and prosperous Senegal, in a progressing Africa,” he stated.

Faye added that he would mobilise the Senegalese here and in the diaspora around a unifying national project oriented towards a peaceful future.

“A national project respectful of specific identities, understood and shared by all, in a spirit of solidarity, for the happiness of all.

“I am committed, by promoting the cult of work, management ethics, discipline and love of the homeland, to resolutely and sustainably putting Senegal on the path to economic and social progress,” Faye said.


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