“Charly Boy and I are second cousins" - Uriel reveals (Photo)

Charly Boy and I are second cousins Uriel reveals (Photo)

“Charly Boy and I are second cousins" - Uriel reveals (Photo)

By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Former BBNaija housemate Uriel has recently engaged in an intriguing conversation with Charly Boy, delving into his marriage and his shifting attractions towards women.

In a social media post, she shared some insights into her bond with Charly Boy, listing several noteworthy points:

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“Fun facts about Us
1) @areafada1 and I are 2nd cousins (his father and my Grandfather are brothers.”
2) @areafada1 took me to my first night club in Nigeria
3) we have the same lip mark
4) his late sister was married to my mum’s brother
5) we both love our own space but also love people around.
6) I’ve always wanted to wear his boots
7) Oputas Don’t age
8) I love spikes and leather secretly. Last can You guess my next Guest”.

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