Police: Why we detained man whose wife died in UBTH


University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH)

By Usman Aliyu

One Christopher Owegie was briefly detained for attacking a doctor identified as Dr Osaretin Asemota at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) in Benin, Edo State after his wife who was on admission at the facility died.

Dr Asemota was attending to the deceased woman before she gave up the ghost on Saturday.

Edo Commissioner of Police in the state, Funsho Adegboye confirmed that Owegie was briefly detained after assaulting the medical doctor in a statement on Sunday.

But he said said Owogie was kept in safe custody, counselled for about an hour, and released unconditionally.

In the statement released to journalists in Benin by Chidi Nwabuzor, Edo Police Command’s spokesperson, Adegboye explained that Owegie had taken his wife who was in coma to UBTH Benin on the 6th of April 2024 for treatment.

“He added that though Dr Asemota, was able to stabilise when she was initially brought in, the woman later died while receiving treatment.

She was confirmed dead by the medical doctor and this enraged the husband.

“The news of the woman’s death enraged her husband, Mr Owegie Christopher, to the extent that he attacked and assaulted Dr Osaretin Asemota.

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“And accused him of being deceptive for asking him to buy expensive medicines for his wife when he knew she will eventually die.

“He swore to make the doctor go through the same pain he went through,” he said.

Adegboye said that the doctor, who was rescued by his colleagues and the hospital security personnel, lodged a complain against Owegie at the Ugbowo Police Division in Benin.

The commissioner explained that the husband was subsequently apprehended, their statements taken while the suspect was kept in safe custody and later released.

“The essence of his peaceful safe custody is strategic, proactive and geared towards getting him rid of evil thoughts that may lead him to commit suicide or cause harm to himself and even others as a result of the agony of losing his wife,” he added.

The commissioner of police advised citizens to be guided by law in all circumstances and avoid being controlled by negative emotions when dealing with issues especially in the public space.

He also advised those who are on essential services to step up their duties in saving humanity and putting smiles on the faces of people in whom they took oaths to serve.

Adegboye appealed to the association of resident doctors at the hospital, who threatened to embark on strike due to the assault, to shelve the plan for the sake of innocent patients in their care. (NAN) (www.nannews.ng)


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