VeryDarkMan denies rumorus of leaked tape



By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Some time ago, rumours were circulating that VeryDarkMan was involved in a scandalous video of a homosexual nature, partly instigated by Bobrisky, with whom VeryDarkMan had previous conflicts.

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VeryDarkMan took to Instagram to address the issue directly, sending a message to curious Nigerians.

“All the people when say them get video of me and man,till now none of them drop video 2 if anybody get video E for don leak by now.internet is a yeye place……one thing about me I will show you evidences Good evidences……them get video na hin them no leak am since • all those things was to make vdm not talk about evuuul again..there is a reason i confessed all my sins before starting this whole online fyghtyn against evulll in the society.”

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