Nkechi Blessing warns bloggers after bagging Doctorate degree

Nkechi Blessing warns media critics after bagging Doctorate degree

Nkechi Blessing warns media critics after bagging Doctorate degree

By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Nollywood star Nkechi Blessing has strongly addressed her critics and media outlets following her recent accomplishments.

Having recently attained a doctorate degree in Real Estate Management, she took to Instagram to declare her new title and issue a stern warning to the public.

In a post, Nkechi warned media outlets known for circulating negative coverage about her, cautioning that she would pursue legal action against anyone who publicly defames her, using her doctorate degree status.

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She noted how despite the name-calling, trolls, and hate, she did only one thing which was just to focus.

Nkechi reminded her fans and followers that celebrities have a real life outside social media as she noted how her hard work, dedication, and consistency as gotten her to such a stage.

“Amidst all the name calling, trolls, h#tes, I did just one thing, FOCUS…Remember when it’s not on Instagram it’s not happening, a lot of you forget we have a whole real life outside this space, and some of us are doing way better in real life than we show here on Gram…..it didn’t happen by luck, it took hard work, dedication and consistency to get here backed up with faith and hard work….So dear Nigerian bloggers if you are not screaming my success the way you scream my shortcomings, just make sure you have FACTS and EVIDENCE the next time you write anything about DR.NKECHI BLESSING SUNDAY. I won’t do social media dragging with you, the law Must and Will take its full Cus, over the years I have watched you jobless and unprofessional Bloggers sell a narrative about me that fits your audience for mere engagement and traffic, but never again will I allow that to go on…For your best interest make sure you verify before you post, cus no matter how anonymous or invisible you may seem. There is a GOD in heaven who I serve and who knows the real you behind your mask I rest my case. Thank you all for the congratulatory messages, I do not take them for granted Signed***DR.Nkechi Blessing Sunday A doctor in real estate management”.

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