Don’t be afraid of death - Beautiful Nubia

Beautiful Nubia

Beautiful Nubia

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Root and folk musician, Segun Akinlolu, famously known as Beautiful Nubia has advised people to be strong with life’s struggles and challenges.

The 56-year-old veterinary doctor turned musician urged Nigerians to be fearless of death in fighting for truth.

“Don’t be afraid of death. It will come to us all. But may we enjoy a long, rich life before our time is up,” he began.

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“Don’t be afraid to step out of the shackles of religion. It breeds that fear, ignorance and small-mindedness that narrow our horizons. Don’t be afraid to grow beyond that ethnic cocoon. Yes, you’re proudly Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, etc. But you are more than that! You’re bigger than that. Way bigger than that.

“Don’t be afraid to love, to live, to be free, to embrace joy in all its forms. Don’t get stuck in that unending rat race for money and material things. Don’t let your early childhood poverty colour your life and choices; let go of it.

“Don’t get sucked into seeing life as a war zone. But speak up against injustice. Fight for Truth. Seek the joy and progress of the community. Be a true blessing to all.

Don’t be afraid. Be free and strong. Be of courage. Be Beautiful.”

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