Onitiri-Abiola on her own, MKO Abiola stood for one Nigeria – Jamiu Abiola

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Jamiu Abiola

Son of the late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale (M.K.O) Abiola, GCFR, Jamiu Abiola who is the Special Assistant to the Vice President on Special Duties has dissociated the noble family from the activities of one of his father’s wives, Modupe Onitiri-Abiola which led to an armed invasion of the Oyo State House of Assembly recently.

Jamiu condemned calls by some elements, such as the Yoruba Nation agitators to split Nigeria and lamented the involvement of a widow of his father, Modupe, in the unpatriotic act.

He said this in an exclusive interview with PUNCH.

Jamiu claimed never to have met or known Modupe and opined that someone calling herself Abiola’s wife should have respected what the late politician stood for.

He said the good thing was that the rest of the family still believed and stood for one Nigeria.

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On the Oyo State Secretariat invasion, Jamiu said “Investigations are ongoing. So, I would not say much about this matter until they are concluded. As you can imagine, it is a sensitive issue. Even though I don’t consider the woman to be my stepmom, she is bearing my father’s name, which in itself, is a tragedy given the action she has taken. My father would have been devastated about this incident if he were alive. He loved the unity of this country so much and he would have even sacrificed his presidential mandate to preserve it if he felt that he needed to do that.”

He said further that, “Nigeria’s comparative advantage is its diversity, and our patriarch sacrificed his life for a democratic mandate he got from all Nigerians because he had proven to all Nigerians that he believed they were one. It is so unfortunate that anyone would use his name to promote the breakup of this country. That woman did so without anybody’s support.”

However, on the opposition of some members of the Abiola family to the Bola Tinubu candidacy during the 2023 general election, he recounted that some of his family members sold out during the June 12 struggle.

According to him, “They tried to get close to General (Sani) Abacha for contracts etc. These people turned my mother’s life into a nightmare and made her final days miserable indeed. As you said, even in last year’s election, a family member did the unthinkable by running against President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Just like everyone else, this family member knew that President Tinubu was and remains our father’s closest and most loyal associate. Yet, he broke ranks with the family just like this woman is doing by declaring a Yoruba nation.”

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