Junior Pope: Why I don't blame Adanma Luke - Actress Ogbodo

Actress Uche Ogbodo defends Nollywood producer, Adanma Luke

Junior Pope: Why I don't blame Adanma Luke - Actress Uche Ogbodo

By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Actress Uche Ogbodo has expressed her perspective on the tragic incident involving her colleague Adanma Luke, the producer of a recent film that resulted in the loss of popular actor John Paul Odonwodo and four others.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Ogbodo declared her support for Luke, viewing her as a victim of circumstances rather than solely accountable for the unfortunate deaths.

Ogbodo stated that while emotions are high and people seek someone to blame, it’s essential to consider the broader context.

She pointed out that the responsibility for safety extends beyond just the producer, noting the role of actors and crew members who boarded the boat without life jackets.

Ogbodo stressed the importance of prioritizing safety measures, suggesting that actors have the right to refuse unsafe conditions.

She said, “I am supporting my friend, Adamma Luke, because I see her as a victim of circumstance.

Our hearts are bleeding and people are angry, and in that rage, people are looking for a scapegoat to hold responsible for the death of those people.

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But, my question is, what is Adanma’s crime? It is not wholly her mistake. There was also a mistake on the part of the actors and crew members who went on the boat without life jackets.

“Many producers make terrible mistakes with the lives of people, but as an actor, one also needs to protect one’s life. An actor can insist that except safety measures are put in place, they cannot do certain things, such as travel on water.”

The actress also pleaded with the general public to not push Luke into depression or suicide by throwing all the blames her way.

She said, “I am asking the general public to temper justice with mercy. Adanma is still innocent until proven guilty.

“I am not saying that it’s a good thing that people died. We are all mourning, but I don’t want us to have another misfortune on our hands. They’re putting the young girl (Luke) under pressure by clamouring for her arrest and things like that.”

Ogbodo also opined that Nollywood was in dire need of God’s mercy and protection. According to her, the number of deaths recorded in the industry in such a short time was alarming.

She said, “I think we need prayers in Nollywood. Every industry needs prayers, but especially in Nollywood, because so many deaths have happened in a very short time. We need God’s protection. We need the light and mercy of God in our industry to help people get through their day-to-day hustle without harm.”

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