Tiwa Savage: Sex, stardom and her secret fears


Tiwa Savage

By Nehru Odeh

Tiwa Savage is no doubt a handful. Yet despite her craziness and her insouciance, despite her being in our faces, despite her lewd propensities, her amorous inclinations, no one can deny the fact that she is a lady endowed with not just beauty and the right curves in the right places but also with enormous talent and singing ability. She also has a lot of money to spend too.

Tiwa loves the good life as well as the crazy stuff. She loves to do things that excite imagination. And she loves to exhibit them, no matter whose ox is gored. Ever since she shot to the limelight with her hit single “Kele Kele Love”, she has imprinted herself in our consciousness. And indeed she is not one to do “kele kele love” with her fans either.

Tiwa is always in our consciousness. If the Number One African Bad Gal is not releasing hit after hit, she is either in a yacht flexing with friends or she is dressed in a manner that leaves little to the imagination, revealing her salacious curves or sporting a very expensive designer outfit.

Yet after her botched marriage to her estranged husband, Tee Billz, which produced a son Jamil aka Jam Jam whom she is fond of, Tiwa has been linked romantically with many artistes, notable of which is Wizkid, which she has never denied, even though she denied many others that were very obvious.

Tiwa has also been involved in a major sex scandal, the leaked sex video that set the internet on fire in 2021 and continues to do so four years after.

Four years after that sex video, which controversial OAP Daddy Freeze famously described as “10 powerful seconds”, Tiwa has’nt been off the hook. She has’nt freed herself from the scandal and the resultant ripples it generated. She hasn’t remained the same again.

In spite of the haunting brevity of that video, Tiwa has for a long time being haunted by it. So much so that it seems the brevity of the video, the sense of heightened pleasure it evokes and the emotions it elicit account for its power, for its hold not only on Tiwa but also on many across the globe.


The fact that Tiwa has yet to free herself from that amorous entanglement and video came to the fore recently when the queen of Afrobeats expressed her fears about the effect the flick would have on her son if he grows up to see it. She recently disclosed that, in order to rein in that anxiety, she paid an IT expert to remove the video from the internet and all mobile devices.

“My biggest fear about my sex tape leaking was that my son might one day see it,” Tiwa stated. “But I got in touch with an IT expert who hacked the video from the internet and everyone’s mobile device. Right now, you can’t find it anywhere. Even if you had it stored on your phone. ” .

But the truth is, the explicit video has not been excised from the internet as well as the consciousness of many across the globe. Rather, her recent confession evoked the memories of many which made them to dig the video out once again and excite their imagination. And she has received not a little bashing ever since.

Still, as Tiwa herself said in that statement, that is her biggest fear. But she has other secret fears, other demons that she has been battling with ever since she burst onto the limelight. One of such secret fears is the search for the right partner as well as the fear of suffering another heartbreak. Just as she once said, “i have been served breakfasts too much. ”

Perhaps it is because of these reasons that Tiwa has not had any stable relationship. Her marital and relationship travail are reflected in most of her songs. Songs such as “Kele Kele Love”, “Lova Lova”, “Somebody’s Son” – to mention a few – speak to the many emotional battles she is fighting.

Savage decked in gorgeous outfit
Savage decked in gorgeous outfit

Relationships have not been nice to Tiwa. And she has paid the price of stardom. Not only has she been looking for Mr Right, she wants a guy she can call her own, and not as a side chick. Tiwa expressed this thinking when she posted a fire pboto on Instagram with the caption, “It’s better to spend years finding your own than riding someone else’s. ”

Tiwa also expressed this deep yearning, her hankering after a man she can call her own, her pining for true love, when she captioned a video of a couple exchanging wows with an existential question to God, expressing her desire for companionship and pondering if she is unworthy of it. “God, am I a stone?” she asked.

Tiwa also wants her guy to be as rich as she is, or even richer; somebody that can match her energy. Perhaps that was one of the reasons – apart from the alleged infidelity on the part of both partners – that made her earlier marriage to TeeBillz crashed.

“I want love, yes, but I also want money. I’m not encouraging runs, I’m not saying you should go after a man for his money, but I’m saying that it is sweet when you also spend their money. Because I have my own money as you can see, so all I’m saying is you need to match my energy, ” Tiwa once said, adding that “you will still be served breakfast.

On other occasions she captioned some of her posts on Instagrams with statements such as “I would marry you but you don’t have enough money. So you’ll forever be my side n—-” and “I’d rather someone who works. I don’t want to be the only person bringing money in the house.”

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Aside from her marriage to TeeBillz and her relationship with Wizkid, most of Tiwa’s amorous entanglements have been hide-and-seek, which she is not cut out for. She expressed this without mincing words in her hit song, Kele Kele Love.

She wants a relationship that can be open, shouted from the rooftops, not one where both people have to be sneaking and hiding. Just as she sings in that hitsong ‘I no do kele kele love. ”

“You only want to see me after hours

I ain’t gon’ be your undercover lover

Don’t private call me no don’t even bother yeah

Till you shout from the roof that I’m your lover.

But the question is:Will Tiwa ever find true love again. Sure. Still, in spite of her secret fears, in spite of the many breakfasts she has been served, in spite of the conditions she has attached to the kind of man she wants to marry, she believes she will find true love someday. That indeed is the thrust of her hit single, “Somebody’s Son”, featuring Brandy.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Tiwa revealed in an episode of “catching up with Tiwa” that the song is about a girl who has been heartbroken several times but chooses not to give up and instead keep the fire burning and hopes that someday she will find love.

“Somebody’s son is (abouf) a girl who has been heartbroken too many times. And instead of her being bitter or losing hope, she has faith. Becauae she is going to find love again, ” she said. . And that indeed is Tiwa affirms her faith in true love and the possibility finding it again in the lyrics.

Somebody son go find me one day (one day)

I don dey wait don’t stay too far away (one day)

Somebody son go love me one day (one day)

I don dey wait don’t stay too far away (one day)

Yea yea yea yea

Somebody, somebody

Somebody son go love me one day, one day

Somebody somebody

Somebody son go love me one day, one day

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