Deji Adeyanju’s law firm demands N100m from HURIWA over defamation claims


Human Rights Writers Association Of Nigeria (HURIWA)

The law firm of Deji Adeyanju, representing Asabe Waziri, a senior staff member at Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), has issued a letter threatening legal action against the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) over alleged defamatory statements made against their client.

The letter, addressed to Emmanuel Onwubiko, convener of HURIWA, demands an immediate retraction of HURIWA’s accusations of misconduct against Ms. Waziri, as well as a formal apology and financial compensation.

The letter, dated April 24, 2024, challenges the accusations made by HURIWA and dismisses any implication that Ms. Waziri was involved in corrupt activities. It also addresses the impact of these claims on Ms. Waziri’s public image and constitutional rights.

Marvin Omorogbe, representing Ms. Waziri, asserts that HURIWA’s letter to NNPC, requesting sensitive documents related to Ms. Waziri’s employment, salaries, and ownership of properties, was a breach of her privacy and not permissible under the Freedom of Information Act.

The letter criticizes HURIWA for its attempts to drag NNPC into a private legal dispute, citing ongoing court cases involving Ms. Waziri and other parties.

The letter demands that HURIWA retract its letter to NNPC, provide a formal apology to Ms. Waziri, issue a public apology in two national dailies, and pay N100,000,000 for the defamatory statements. It emphasizes that the allegations have severely damaged Ms. Waziri’s reputation and breached her rights to privacy, property, and fair hearing.

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Furthermore, the letter highlights ongoing legal proceedings related to the case, including criminal charges against individuals connected to the opposing party, reinforcing the claim that HURIWA’s actions were improper. It also criticizes HURIWA’s use of media leaks to damage Ms. Waziri’s reputation and cause harm to her professional career.

See the letter below:

Deji Adeyanju’s law firm demands N100m from HURIWA

Deji Adeyanju’s law firm demands N100m from HURIWA

Deji Adeyanju’s law firm demands N100m from HURIWA

Deji Adeyanju’s law firm demands N100m from HURIWA

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