Portable's wife Bewaji reacts to relentless attacks from husband


Portable and Bewaji

By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Portable’s wife, Bewaji, has finally responded to the relentless attacks from the singer directed at her online.

Recall that Portable had taken to Instagram to publicly criticize the mother of his two children.

The controversy ignited when Bewaji posted a cryptic message on Instagram, referring to herself as a queen and expressing anger with human ingratitude.

She encouraged her followers to prioritize their own happiness and lamented how easily people forget kindness.

However, Portable evidently took offense to her remarks and swiftly lashed out at her in the comments.

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He stated that she owed her significance to his name and accused her of disrespecting him, attributing his lack of respect from others to her behavior.

Portable questioned what more he could do to please her as she seemed always discontented.

Following the barrage of criticism, Bewaji took to her Instagram story to issue a brief statement.

She declared that she had reached her limit and warned against pushing her further.

Despite her prior silence on the matter, she hinted at forthcoming action.

“Enough is enough. You don already push me to the wall don’t worry sha have been so quiet since all this days 000o. If you put your hand in my mouth I will bite you o”

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