Actress Sola Sobowale revisits drug trafficking rumour (Video)


Sola Sobowale

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Veteran actress Sola Sobowale has revisited her 20011 death rumour after she was allegedly getting arrested in Saudi Arabia for a drug trafficking.

Reports circulated Sobowale in 2011 got implicated in drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia where she was purportedly arrested and killed.

Sobowale in an interview with media personality Teju Babyface candidly recounted the details of the incident and how it profoundly impacted her life.

Speaking in parts, she said: “They killed me in Saudi Arabia, that I carried cocaine in Saudi Arabia, they got me arrested and there, they amputated my leg, my hand and I said to them ‘Please I’m a star in Nigeria, because of that kuku e pa mi, so they killed me.

“So when I got to Nigeria at the airport they just went berserk, they said ‘Sola Sobowale is dead now’ and I said ‘Do you believe in abracadabra?’ They said yes. ‘I have commanded everything back that’s why that’s why I’m back.’”

“So when I got to Nigeria, I said ‘Look, I’m alive. I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia. I don’t even know where Saudi Arabia is on the map.

“So how did I get there? How did they kill me there? So many negative things but to God be the glory, God has compensated me beautifully.”

Sola Sobowale also spoke about how he struggle to raise her children abroad, saying she can do anything so far legitimately  for her children.

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Recalled that Sola Sobowale had revealed that se left her blooming career for menial jobs in London because of her children.

The King of Boys gave a recount of events in an interview with Chude Jideonwo months agos.

“I left the shores of Nigeria for a purpose. Children are not asked to be born, the moment you decide that you want to have children, then you must be ready to take full responsibility for those children.

“They’re beautiful creatures, you don’t bring them to this world to suffer, you don’t. You don’t bring them to this world for anybody to take care of them, you brought them, then stay with them and do the work.

“My father, a retired principal, my mother, retired headmistress, may their souls Rest In Peace. I know what they did for me and my siblings and I know what is called education, that is the only legacy you can give your children.

“I got married to an HR man, so when they want to give employment, I know what it’s like. I know the university, I know how they select people from abroad in premier universities, up to state before going to private.

“And I looked and said ehen! So I said my children they either go to the University of Ibadan, Ife, or Unilag. But unfortunately, today strike, Tomorrow strike, a course of 3 years they will end up doing 6 years and I said no if I can be paying this much for primary and secondary, I’m not going to throw that at a university, so let my children leave Nigeria.

“That was why I moved my children out of Nigeria to London.”

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