Protest: New York Police say 282 protesters arrested in two varsities


A protest is ongoing at George Washington University in Washington DC. Photo: BBC/Reuters

The New York Police have said 282 people were arrested on Tuesday night from the City University of New York and Columbia University during the pro-Palestinian protest.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) released information on the arrest on Thursday.

According to the BBC, the police had released information showing some of those arrested were well above the average age of university students.

The police said 90 of those arrested were in their 30s and 40s, while three were over 50.

The NY Police, while given a breakdown said 115 people were detained for disorderly conduct; three for assault and 48 for burglary.

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The police added that around one in 10 of those arrested had been detained on previous occasions for unlawful protest actions and that the vast majority of them were aged 22 years and above-older than undergraduate student age.

Due to the pro-Palestinian protest, students at Columbia University will be taking their final exams remotely following the nearly 300 arrests during on-campus protests earlier this week.

In an email, University Provost Angela Olinto wrote that all academic activities – including classes, reviews, office hours and finals – would be fully remote for the remainder of the semester.


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