Wofai Dada: 'Avoid in-laws that doesn't want you' - Blessing CEO

Wofai Dada’Never marry into a family that don’t want you’ – Blessing CEO

Wofai Dada: 'Avoid in-laws that doesn't want you' - Blessing CEO (Video)

By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Self-proclaimed relationship expert Blessing CEO has weighed in on the recent controversy involving Wofai Fada and her in-laws.

She began by stating that women should avoid marrying into families where they feel unwelcome, reflecting on the importance of acceptance in marital relationships.

Directing her comments towards Wofai Fada’s in-laws, Blessing CEO expressed astonishment at the family’s public statement, suggesting it was unprecedented in her experience.

She emphasized the crucial role of family in marriage, implying that Wofai Fada’s situation, where her in-laws disapproved her, could lead to challenges.

She went on to say that she wishes Wofai Fada luck in her marriage, but she added that it is not possible to do marriage without family.

This statement was made in relation to the fact that Wofai Fada’s in-laws openly disassociated themselves from anything concerning their son’s marriage to the comedian/chef.

Blessing CEO stated that the only way marriage can bloom without family is in the Western world, where there are no strong family values, unlike in Nigeria.

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She also said that she would be praying for Wofai Fada because when marital issues occur, she would have nowhere to turn to because the family openly rejected her.

Also, Blessing CEO said that any man that disrespects his father will also disrespect his wife. She said that women are unable to see this as an issue because whenever they’re in love, they don’t think clearly.

Blessing CEO went on to say that a true man is known for how he treats his family and people around them. She said that for Wofai Fada’s father-in-law to release a disclaimer, he may have rejected their marriage several times.

In relating marriage with Wofai Fada’s current predicament, Blessing CEO reiterated that she would have nowhere to run to if she has issues in her marriage,

Blessing CEO said further that marriage is not for the weak, and that the first five years are usually the hardest. She also said that marriage is war, and it is meant for people who are vocal because communication is important.

According to her, the true characteristics of someone is not known until after marriage, and that is why there’s usually friction in the early stages of marriage. Also, she threw shade at women who ignore red flags before marriage, and then come out to complain later.

Tracing back to Wofai Fada’s wedding drama, Blessing CEO said that her husband should’ve done the needful by convincing his family to accept Wofai Fada as his wife.

She said that it is the duty of each spouse to convince their individual families to like the other person because how parents react is fueled by the information fed to them.

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