Biggy Khali’s “Naija to UK” EP is a masterpiece worthy of your time


Biggy Khali

By Emmanuel Daraloye

The recent surge of Nigerians migrating to the United Kingdom has seen stars, and budding creatives all attempting to exhibit their talent. On each day, the number of new releases from the country has skyrocketed, even though they are large in numbers, only a few of them have had me returning to their tape.

One of such fellows is Biggy Khali, a Nigerian born but United Kingdom based rapper, singer, blogger and culture shifting proponent. After weeks of anticipation, he finally released his third extended play on the 5th of May, 2024 across all digital streaming platforms. He aptly titled the four tracks longs project “Naija to UK.”

Naija is a Pidgin way of calling Nigeria, one of the most populous black nations in the world. With his over a year voyage outside the country, it is pertinent to note that Biggy Khali’s long palette might have contributed one way or the other in the execution of the project.

A body of work has always been termed as a time capsule, a way which an artiste uses to time mark how he feels, his thinking phase and his philosophy at a particular period of time. In some ways, it reveals a little of themselves and some other time, others listeners might even be able to relate with the topic of discussion. That’s why it is called music.

On the opening song “Street Runner,” Biggy Khali takes the listeners through his journey, at the intro, he alludes to the rumour postponement of the EP release. The cadence easily flows on the Hip-Hop based production. V’zar delivers as he continues from where Biggy Khali stopped. Like a typical Hip-Hop project, the first track was full of bragging,showing off of skill. For the naysayers, Biggy Khali seems to be all out for them, and for the new fans, he welcomes them to his world.

Rappers sometimes fall in love, when that happens , the world would hear it and feel it. Biggy Khali with a help of unamed female singer serenade his lover, showering encomium on her while he pray for a lasting time with her on “Oroma”. The second verse of the song find the singer profusely using a lot of adjective to describe his girl and how she made him feels.

When they tell you to listen. It’s a call to action. A way for you to be prepared for what to come next. On the third track “Listen,” Biggy Khali continues to flex on his enemies, the words are brutal, likewise the crafty deliveries. On the Logicx assisted “Madiba,” Biggy Khali put his fans in the best mood. It is a club type of beat with a quantum tribute to Dancehall.

Right now, Biggy Khali sounds like the most prepared United Kingdom based artiste. His more than two decades of preparation in Nigeria seems to have finally found an opportunity to fully blossom. And like a smart person, he is taking the opportunity with both hands. With the release of Naija to the UK, Biggy Khali has finally put things in proper perspective, while he awaits the glorious global domination, he continues to show why he deserves such a platform.

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