Mobile Gaming Guide: How to Get Started


Mobile gaming

You might have noticed that the people around you are spending more time on their mobile phones. As mobile technology becomes more accessible and advanced, we’re able to rely on our handheld smartphones to get us through the day. But there’s a lot more than functionality going on

Along with doing things like checking the weather or sending an email, many people are now using their smartphones for gaming. A Google or Apple device is a lot easier to get ahold of than an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC computer, after all. And even gamers who once preferred consoles or PCs are now pivoting toward mobile because of the on-the-go- factor. 

In other words, mobile games are starting to become the largest sector in the gaming world. This is in terms of usage, revenue, and even the sheer number of available titles. But if you’re new to mobile gaming, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options and terminology in use.

Let’s explore the world of mobile gaming, covering how you can get started today.

 A Growing List of Genres

Here’s the short of it: you can find just about any type of game straight from your smartphone. For example, poker isn’t usually placed under traditional video games—but it’s a hugely popular title for players around the world. As with most other games, playing poker is more accessible and straightforward on a mobile device.

Best of all, you can even learn the basic poker rules from guides online. This lets you seamlessly switch from a poker student to a poker player with just a few clicks. Beyond the realm of popular card games, mobile gaming also lets you compete in various eSports. Though eSports were once the focus on PC and consoles, there are now competitive mobile eSports. 

For example, Garena Free Fire and PUBG: Mobile both offer regional and global events. Though mobile gaming is usually focused on casual games, there’s a long list of gaming genres in the mobile world. Don’t forget to explore!

Differentiating P2P, P2E, and More

Once you’ve found your preferred gaming genre, you’re likely to encounter unique terminology. P2P is the most common. This stands for pay to play. Rather than charge an upfront fee for a game, it is free to download and play. However, you’ll need to make smaller purchases (these are called microtransactions) to advance in the game. 

Beware, as these P2P charges can quickly add up and become more expensive than paying for a game outright. P2E, on the other hand, stands for play to earn. This growing genre of gaming allows players to actually earn money by playing minigames, filling out surveys, and more.

You might also want to know PvP and PvE. PvP simply stands for player versus player, which describes a game mode in which players fight one-on-one. PvE, by contrast, is used to describe a player who takes on a computerized enemy. It might stand for player versus environment or player versus enemy.

 Tips to Get More Out of Mobile Gaming

Clearly, there’s a huge and diverse world of mobile games for players to explore. But you also need to think about your hardware: AKA your smartphone. To get the most out of your gaming experience, there are a few software tips and gadgets to keep in mind.

First, check out your phone’s settings. A newer phone might actually have a game mode that you can activate. This will mute and disable other apps so that your games can run faster and smoother. If there’s no game mode, then make sure to quit all other apps and double-check your Wi-Fi connection for seamless play. You might also want to turn battery-saving mode on.

If your smartphone has limited gaming functions, then you can also opt for cheap peripherals to get the job done. A battery pack, for example, will let you game for longer periods while on the go. There are also controllers and ergonomic stands that make mobile gaming more comfortable, many of which are affordable.


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