Emirate dispute: Kano Deputy Governor apologises to Ribadu


The Kano Deputy Governor, Aminu Gwarzo, has apologised to the National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu, for accusing him of being involved in an attempt to impose the deposed Emir, Ado Bayero on the state.

Gwarzo made this apology during a late briefing on Sunday.

He said: “The Office of the National Security Adviser has refuted the allegations and distanced themselves from what we have alleged. I have seen it, he has done it through three media, and today, I have seen the one about going to court.

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“We have to acknowledge that we have been misled into believing that the NSA was behind the happenings along this line.

“We apologise to the National Security Adviser, his person and office for any embarrassment and inconveniences this might have caused him.

“We are human and can err at any time. On my behalf and the Governor of Kano State, I want to assure the NSA of our continued support and cooperation in discharging his duty as the NSA”.

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