Emirship tussle: Sanusi, Bayero hold parallel Friday prayers in Kano

Sanusi and Ado Bayero

Emirs Sanusi and Ado Bayero fighting for the same throne

By Aminu Garko

The two claimants to the Kano Emrship throne, Muhammad Sanusi II and Aminu Bayero on Friday presided over Friday prayers simultaneously in the commercial city without rancor and the fears of violence materializing.

Sansusi II Bayero are laying claim to the Kano Emir throne. While Sanusi II was reinstated by Gov. Abba Yusuf after he deposed Bayero and four other Emirs following the passage of new Emirate law by the Kano House House of Assembly.

However, Bayero has filed a suit to contest his dethronement in the court.

The city of Kano was predicted to witness clashes between the supporters of the two parties when news broke of Friday morning that the two claimants to the throne of the Emir will lead Friday prayers.

The Police had warned potential trouble makers to stay away from Kano while dismissing speculations that Bayero and Sanusi II will clash over who to lead the Friday prayers.

However, as police earlier said, while Sanusi led the prayers at the Central Mosque, Bayero, observed his prayers at the Nasarawa Palace where he has been staying since his dethronement by the state government.

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While expressing his delight that the predicted violence over who will lead the prayers between the two Emirs did not material, Kano Commissioner of Police, Mr Usaini Gumel said that prayers were also conducted in a peaceful atmosphere across the 44 LGAs of the state.

“I am very pleased with the orderly manner faithful residents conducted themselves before, during and after the prayer’s without rancour in all parts of the state.

The Commissioner praised residents for their cooperation with police personnel deployed in and outside the metropolis, which resulted in zero crime being recorded.

He appealed to residents to continue cooperating with the police to ensure peaceful coexistence in the state.

“This is a testament to the effective collaboration between law enforcement and the community.

“The police command looks forward to continued partnership in maintaining peace and order in the state”, he said. (NAN)

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