The story of a kid who rejected Awoniyi’s cash gift

Taiwo Awoniyi and the boy Peter

Taiwo Awoniyi and the boy, Peter

Peter, an eight-year-old boy reportedly turned down a cash gift from Super Eagles and Nottingham Forest striker, Taiwo Awoniyi on Monday at the French Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

Awoniyi visited the French Ambassador to Nigeria, Jean Francois Hasperue, to discuss sports partnership opportunities and the development of the Unicorn Football Academy in Ilorin.

Uche Nworah, a blogger present at the embassy, narrated the story on Facebook on Tuesday. Peter had greeted Nworah and his colleagues politely while they waited for their appointment.

Impressed by the boy’s demeanour, Nworah called Peter back to commend him and offered him a small cash gift in appreciation, but the boy refused, citing his father’s rule against accepting things from strangers.

Nworah then spotted Awoniyi leaving the embassy and shared the story with him. Moved by Peter’s behaviour, Awoniyi took out five £20 notes and offered them to the boy, but despite the considerable amount, Peter again declined and hurriedly left, seemingly overwhelmed by the attention.

Nworah reflected on the moment, expressing his happiness that there were still well-mannered children like Peter. He praised Peter’s parents and teachers for his excellent upbringing and expressed confidence that the boy was destined for greatness, Sunday PUNCH reported.

The story shared on Nworah’s Facebook page, garnered widespread praise from Nigerians, who were deeply moved by Peter’s actions.

Jemmy Nwanze commented, “That boy’s parents need to be traced and he should be awarded an educational scholarship to tertiary school level.”

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Onyia Chijioke echoed the sentiment, adding, “Hopefully they go beyond this by knowing his parents.”

Charles Chukwuma wrote, “That boy will go far. During our days, our parents did the same and some still collected the money.”

Juliet Okere also added, “I love to see kids who have this type of respect now. Young people or even those my age don’t have respect again for their elders in Nigeria.”

Azie Sylvia wrote, “This video really touched me. Such an obedient and respectful boy. Even with much persuasion, he still insisted on not collecting the money gift. God bless him and his parents.”

Jude Emecheta found hope in the story, stating, “Amazing in this country, thank God there is still hope.”

Amaka Christine predicted a bright future for the boy, declaring, “He will surely be great, PETER THE GREAT.”

Peter Oluka humorously added, “Yes ooo. We Peters are special.”

Many more reactions have continued to pour in.

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