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"Afrobeats equals Hip-hop and R&B in global influence" - Fireboy DML


Fireboy DML

Afrobeats star Fireboy DML has boldly stated that Afrobeats now enjoys the same global stature as Hip-hop and R&B.

Speaking on a podcast with Noisey, Fireboy revealed Afrobeats as not merely a music genre, but a robust culture, a movement, and rich history.

He highlighted his unique approach to Afrobeats, which prioritises honest storytelling and songwriting.

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According to Fireboy, his goal is to showcase the value and potential of Afrobeats to a wider audience, putting it on the same pedestal as other major genres.

“I always say this, honesty is the soul of songwriting. It doesn’t have to be your story. It could be someone else’s story. It doesn’t matter. As long as it’s honest, when you put it out, someone somewhere is going to relate with it and that’s all that matters.

“That’s what I bring into my version of Afrobeats. Afrobeats is known for vibe, the energy and the rhythm. But I bring that intention, that songwriting feel. [I’m] Trying to put Afrobeats on the map. It’s just as big as Hip Hop & RnB if you let it. It’s a culture, it’s a movement. It has history. Now more than ever the world is paying attention,” he said.

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