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Wedding day should be for somberness, not celebration - Actor Akah Nnani

Akah Nnani

Akah Nnani

By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Nollywood actor Akah Nnani has shared his thoughts on weddings and marriages, emphasizing that couples should reflect deeply on their wedding day and leave the celebrations to their families.

During his guest appearance on the latest episode of the Toke Moments podcast, Nnani stressed the importance of approaching the wedding day with solemn reflection.

He explained,

“One day, when I was talking to my wife, it struck me that all the people who say ‘God when’ throw the biggest parties on their wedding day and dance. But actually, a wedding day is supposed to be a somber day. If we understand what we’re doing and what we’re getting into, it’s meant to be a day of somberness.”

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Nnani called for a re-evaluation of expectations and beliefs among couples, highlighting that marriages are deeper than they appear on the surface.

He noted that while families can celebrate, couples should take the day to reflect.

“The families can rejoice because one family is gaining a daughter and the other is gaining a son. They can celebrate, but the couple should be somber because they are saying, ‘I am giving up my independence to live my life with this person.’ It’s a commitment to a lifetime of service and love,” he said.

Nnani added, “It’s a somber day of reflection, like ‘Wow, I’m giving away my independence.’ If you understand what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be dancing wildly on your wedding day. People are entering marriage with the wrong expectations and belief systems.”

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