Unsung Hero of Nigeria's Democracy Day: CNPP demands recognition for Prof. Humphrey Nwosu


Humphrey Nwosu

Conference Of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has called for the overdue recognition of Professor Humphrey Nwosu, the chairman of the National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (NECON) during the historic June 12, 1993, presidential election.

The CNPP in a statement signed by its Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Comrade James Ezema, highlighted the pivotal role played by Prof. Nwosu in Nigeria’s democratic journey.

The Architect Behind June 12

The umbrella association of all registered political parties and political associations in Nigeria emphasised that “without his daring decision to conduct an election that has become a beacon of hope, there would be no June 12 to mark on our calendars.”

The CNPP lamented the continued exclusion of Prof. Nwosu from the list of heroes celebrated on Democracy Day, despite his significant contribution to the nation’s democracy through the introduction of the Option A4 voting system.

A Call for Inclusivity and Recognition

The CNPP insisted that the major problem in Nigeria is not the anthem or the constitution in operation but the attitude of the key political players in every administration. “It is time to transcend petty biases and to embrace the spirit of inclusivity that Professor Nwosu’s legacy warrants,” said Comrade Ezema.

An Omission Reflecting on National Unity

The statement poignantly noted that the continued sidelining of Prof. Nwosu raises uncomfortable questions about the role of ethnicity in national recognition. The CNPP urged leaders to reflect on this disparity and ensure that actions align with the unity and brotherhood the national anthem espouses.

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The CNPP’s Stand

According to the statement, as the nation celebrates Democracy Day, the CNPP stands firm in its belief that all heroes should be honoured. “Let us not forget the architects of our freedom. Let us honour all heroes, for a nation that forgets its heroes will itself soon be forgotten,”the CNPP’s spokesman said.

“The CNPP’s call to action is a reminder of the importance of acknowledging all contributors to Nigeria’s democracy, ensuring that the legacy of individuals like Prof. Nwosu is not forgotten in the annals of history”, the CNPP added.

Professor Humphrey Nwosu, born on October 2, 1941, in Anambra State, Nigeria, is a distinguished political scientist and administrator. He served as the chairman of the National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (NECON) from 1989 to 1993, appointed by Military President Ibrahim Babangida.

Prof. Nwosu’s academic journey began at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he became a professor of political science. His career is marked by significant contributions to Nigeria’s political landscape, including his service in the cabinet of Samson Omeruah, the governor of the old Anambra State.

There, he played a crucial role in empowering traditional rulers and resolving community disputes.

His tenure as NECON chairman is most notable for conducting the June 12, 1993, presidential election, which remains one of the freest and fairest in Nigeria’s history. Prof. Nwosu introduced the innovative Option A4 voting system, which was instrumental in the election process that presumed Chief Moshood Abiola as the winner.

Despite the challenges and controversies that followed the election, Prof. Nwosu’s commitment to a democratic Nigeria has left an indelible mark on the nation’s history.

His legacy continues to inspire discussions on electoral reforms and democracy in Nigeria.

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