Fuji maestro Adewale Ayuba reveals why he converted from Islam to Christianity


Adewale Ayuba

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Popular Fuji musician Adewale Ayuba has narrated his religious journey on how he converted to Christianity from Islam.

The fuji maestro said he struggled with praying in Arabic and finding solace in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and this made him embrace his personal choice and encouraged others to respect his decision.

He revealed that Bible verses such as “Seek Him first” and “I am the way, the truth, and the life” deeply resonated with him, leading him to embrace Christianity.

Ayuba emphasised that religion is a personal relationship between individuals and God, stating Muslims and Christians worship the same God.
He said: “People claim Ayuba is a Muslim. Have they seen me in the mosque? If I were practising Islam, wouldn’t someone have noticed? Why is this an issue? Can they let me be? They say I should pray five times daily, but I’m not; yet, no one has approached me. Perhaps they’re indifferent to my life.

“My mother is an Alhaja, and although my father never went to Mecca, we practice Islam at home. So, my name is Ayub, which is Job in the Bible. When you mention Anabi Isa, you’re referring to Jesus Christ. I need help understanding Arabic.

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“It’s not that being a Muslim is good or bad. When I attempted to practice it, I had to summon some Alphas to help me communicate with God because I didn’t understand Arabic. I questioned whether I should continue despite all that God has done for me, needing others to intercede on my behalf.”

The Fuji star expressed disappointment with how Nigerians practice religion, stating that he was accused of tagging Muslims as killers.

He said: “Would I call my mother a killer? There isn’t an album of mine where I haven’t referenced Muslim words. We worship God. When we look at Indians, can we say God doesn’t bless them? Similarly, are the Chinese not blessed? In Nigeria, Christianity encompasses various denominations like Cherubim and Seraphim. So, there are many facets to God. Nigeria is unique in facing its problems; instead of addressing our national issues, we dwell on trivial matters.

“To me, religion is akin to education. However, I chose Jesus Christ because he proclaimed, ‘I am the truth, the way, and the life.’ This is my personal choice, and it brings me happiness. He invites us to reach out to him exclusively. Many of my band members are Muslims, and we pray together.

“Would I reject their prayers in Arabic, believing they are cursing me? Consider that Moses is Musa and Ibrahim is Abraham. I was unable to attend Arabic school due to my profession. I prefer to worship where I feel closest to my God.”

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