Putin arrives in North Korea

Kim_Jong un and Vladimir Putin

Kim Jong un (left) and Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrived in North Korea for a two-day state visit.

Putin was received by North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un at the airport in Pyongyang, the Russian news agency Interfax reported on Wednesday.

According to observers, the two-day visit will also focus on further arms deliveries from Pyongyang, which Moscow intends to use in its war against Ukraine.

The main part of the visit begins on Wednesday.

The day would begin with a meeting between Putin and Kim on Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang’s urban and symbolic centre.

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Long negotiations were then planned, first in one-on-one talks, then on a larger scale.

In addition to several meals together, a wreath-laying ceremony and a joint concert visit have also been announced.

The last time Putin was in North Korea was in 2000 when he was received by Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il.

He said after a long break in the relationship, the two countries have recently moved closer together not least because of the Ukraine war.


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