Sabinus criticizes lack of respect for elders on social media


Oga Sabinus

By Oluwapelumi Oluwayemi

Nigerian skit maker Sabinus has voiced his frustration over the lack of respect shown to elders by younger individuals on social media.

His comments come in the midst of the ongoing feud between VeryDarkMan and actress Iyabo Ojo.

Recently, VeryDarkMan sparked controversy online by claiming that Iyabo Ojo, Papaya Ex, and other skit makers were only invited to Davido’s ‘After Party,’ and alleging that Nkechi Blessing was almost turned away.

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In his Instagram story, Sabinus lamented how social media has led many to forget that not everyone online is their peer.

He emphasized that respect is mutual and life exists beyond social media.

He stated: “Social media has really made us forget that most people are not our age mates. No matter what, always remember respect is reciprocal and we have a life after social media again. Kai, no respect.”

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