Presidential debate: Israel should finish the job in Gaza - Trump


Trump and Biden at the presidential debate

Former U.S. President, Donald Trump has asked Israel to finish the job in Gaza by completely eliminating Hamas.

When asked his approach to the war, Trump responded by saying that Israel should “finish the job.”

He said Biden had become like “a Palestinian”, though pointed out that the president is unpopular among them.

Trump criticised Biden and offered only vague commentary, arguing that the October 7 attack would not have happened if he were president.

He also made several public comments critical of PM Netanyahu. He criticized the prime minister and Israeli intelligence services for being caught unprepared by the attack.

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On the insurrection Biden said Trump “encouraged” the rioters at the US Capitol on 6 January 2021, adding that the former president took no action for “three hours”, while then-Vice President Mike Pence “begged” him to do something, and end it.

“Instead, he talked about these people being great patriots for America,” Biden said, adding that the rioters should be in jail.

But Trump, responding to Biden’s attacks on him over 6 January, accusing him of egging on those who breached the US Capitol.

Trump said Biden has destroyed lives of so many people who were “so innocent”.

He also attacks the House committee that investigated Trump’s roles in the riot at the Capitol. He called the panel the “unselect Committee” and claims they deleted information in their probe.

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