Religious Leaders Tasked On HIV/AIDS


Bishop U. Edema, the convener and co-ordinator of Fighting HIV/AIDS From The Pulpit has urged religious leaders to be courageous enough to teach sex education in the church, mosque and any other place of worship. “It was taught in the bible, why do we shy away from it,” he emphasised

During a conference held at Assembly of God, Ojo, Lagos, recently, Edema, who is also the General Overseer of Pillar of Truth Faith Mission International, stated that the best way to combat the dreaded Human Immuno Deficiency/Acquired Immune Deficiency (HIV/AIDS) virus is for all religious leaders in the country to openly preach and teach sex education among their followers, because people tend to obey their spiritual leaders than any other person.

According to him, “sex education is almost a taboo for anybody that preaches on the pulpit, or teaches at Sunday school, bible study or any organised seminar in the church, yet our children are watching x-rated films right under our roofs.

“Today, our youths regard sex as no self control, yet for the fear of losing members, we keep quiet and give room for the spread of the dreaded disease,” he added.

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He said this was why the scourge was prevalent in the country and called on Nigerians to show love and care for those living with the disease by supporting the project with money, foodstuff, clothes and drugs.

Reverend Christian N. Adudu, Chairman, Pentecostal Federation of Nigeria, PFN, Ojo, also admonished religious leaders to talk frankly and constructively from the pulpit about HIV/AIDS and sex education in general.

“We need to team up with other organisations involved in HIV/AIDS work to prevent new infections and provide care and support to those infected and or affected,” Adudu stated.

During the conference, participants were lectured on the type of foods people living with the disease can take, while free HIV/AIDS screening was conducted.

—Paul Sanusi

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