Engineer Sues Wife For Adultery, Disowns Son


A Lagos-based man, Engineer Stephen Isere, has told an Ejigbo Grade ‘A’ Customary Court that he is ready to forgo all his valuables and personal belongings just to ensure that he is legally separated from his wife of 26 years.

Stephen, while giving evidence before the court, revealed that he was equally in doubt over the paternity of their first child, whom he said he was not aware of his birth and naming ceremony.

Speaking on his wife’s alleged adulterous nature, the Edo-born engineer revealed that his wife had unlawfully aborted three pregnancies and had practically turned herself into a public toilet, whenever he was away on duty.

Giving reasons for doubting the paternity of his first son, he claimed that his work as an engineer usually takes him around the country and he was hardly available to perform his conjugal responsibility to the wife.

He said that it was during that period that his wife got pregnant and bore his first son, whose delivery, he was not even aware of. He added that on the day of the christening, his wife allegedly invited a military man to play the role of a father to the child.

He told the court that when he got wind of what his wife had done, he was perplexed but later forgave her and they continued their union happily until later when the son in question started displaying questionalble character.

The engineer lamented that the boy does not recognise him as his father and has also instructed his younger brother to follow his footsteps.

The father of four further accused his wife of ruining his business, his contract and his life with her witchcraft and diabolic powers.

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“When the going was good, I send my wife N100,000 per month for her upkeep and that of the children. Gradually, things began to change from bad to worse for me. Gradually I started losing many contracts and her upkeep allowance started to reduce.

“Things finally packed up in April, 2009 when my financial strength fell from grace to grass. My wife confessed to me that she was the brain behind my financial setback. She promised to deal with me mercilessly for no just reason. She accused me of squandering my money on small girls,” he lamented.

He told the court that he was willing and ready to give away all his valuables and personal belongings just to regain his freedom and peace of mind.

“My Lord, I am willing and ready to give away all my valuables to this woman to show how frustrated I am,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, his estranged wife, Mary Isere, denied the allegations levelled against her by her husband, adding that the reverse was the case between them.

She pleaded with the court that she is still in love with her husband and would not want to lose him, especially for the sake of their four children.

After listening to both parties, the court adjourned the matter for further hearing.

—Jamiu Yisa

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