Zoning Should Be Between Men And Women —Sarah Jubril


A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant in the forthcoming general elections, Dr. Sarah Jubril, has argued that those clamouring for zoning in terms of geographical location are not good citizens of the country.

According to her, zoning should be between the male and female politicians rather than the “greedy move by the men to sideline the women and continue to impoverish them.”

Dr. Jubril, who had contested for the presidency and lost twice, stated further that the country’s problems could only be solved by a female president since the male politicians have consistently shown their ineffectiveness.

The presidential hopeful, who spoke to P.M. NEWS at an event organised by the Action Group of Nigeria to mark the 8tth birthday of elder statesman, Chief Anthony Enahoro, said she would remain in the race even if she is given any political appointment.

She also accused the male folk of seeing her as a threat rather than a co-contestant because she has continued to attack them over the way they run the country and its economy aground.

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“I have always told them that they have turned the country to a crime generating one, a criminogenic country,” she said lamenting that the women have resigned to fate instead of confronting the issue headlong.

“We have demonised and monetised power in this country against the wish of God and I will continue to pray for God to scatter anybody that wants to bring problems to this nation,” she said. She added that if she eventually becomes the country’s president, she would focus more on rebuilding the character of the citizens and making sure Nigerians police themselves as a means to fight against corruption.

She also said that she would make sure every local government area in the country is connected to the presidency for effective monitoring of their activities just as each region would be sustained with what it can produce instead of enslaving some at the expense of others.

Asked why she decided to pitch tent with the PDP, she said it would be a face-saving strategy for the party to consider a female president, considering the fact that it had derailed and has several internal squabbles.

—Eromosele Ebhomele

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