Men And Homosexuality



Homosexuality is a romantic or sexual attraction among members of the same sex or gender.Currently, the most common adjectives in use are lesbian for women and gay for men. But the truth is that gay can refer to either male or female.

Our society has gotten so infiltrated that we have suddenly accepted the things we used to see as madness in the western world. I was happy when I read the Compass newspaper of 27th May, 2010;”Obasanjo on homosexuality: it is an abomination.”Ex-president Obasanjo openly disagreed with former United Nations secretary, Koffi Annan in Johannesburg at the launch of the latest report of Africa Progress Panel (APP) Obasanjo indicated his support for  the sentencing of a gay man to 14 years in prison with hard labour.

Our ex president Obasanjo is a man we all don’t see anything good in, but I can tell you that I respect this man for holding on to our African culture and defending it, no matter where he is. In his defence, he said that if God is in support of homosexuality, He would have created not male and female, but same sex.

This is one topic that I know, will bring so much disagreements and criticisms from my readers, but like I always say, the truth must be told without thinking whose ox is gored. This whole madness of homosexuality has eaten so deep into our society that we are almost beginning to accept it as normal. Tell me, what is normal in a man or a woman getting attracted to someone of same sex? What is normal about anal sex? Any man who can be bold enough to ask for anal sex from a woman is no doubt into homosexuality.

The most painful part of this is that most of these beasts still go back, sleep with their wives and leave them with terrible diseases at the end of the day.Isnt it sad seeing catholic priests becoming gays? The Anglican Archbishop of Cantebury, it was discovered is a gay. We are gradually accepting this as morally right. So many pastors, even Nigerian pastors are into this. There was the case of a gay pastor somewhere around Ojodu whose father disowned publicly. I remember my pastor telling us a story about a gay pastor he met. This man performs so many miracles, or do I call it magic. He gets his power by sleeping with young men.

It is sad, but most of our politicians are gay. We have the story all over the place about one of our ex presidents who is a big time gay. It is no longer news how our top businessmen even a telecommunications guru, make so much money from him just by allowing him do whatever he does with them.

So many of these guys have gone into oil and gas through him. Majority of them are making it big in politics through him. But what they don’t know is that most people that practice homosexuality in Nigeria do it for spiritual reasons. Most of these guys are so devilish that you can never get anything from them except you decide to play along.

We once read the story of a former vice president and a former beauty queen. This former beauty queen, who is now married, had to travel to South Africa for treatment when she started leaking after anal sex with this ex vice president. Surprising, the extent people go for money.

Our young boys have suddenly become useless due to this same issue. They no longer care to work hard after school. All they do is dress to attract these company owners and politicians who pick them up and set them up in good businesses and jobs. It is no longer women alone who get job by sleeping with men. Men also get good grades in exams and hit it big when it comes to contracts and jobs just by giving their body to these animals.

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I used to think it is only their sugar mummies that set these guys up. Now I have come to realise that their male partners even do more for them. I wonder what will make a man leave a woman and start running to a fellow man with hairs all over his body. I think there is more to this than meets the eye.

Some young boys have ruled out marriage as an issue in their lives. They get into relationships with all these useless, devilish men who promise them heaven and earth. They rent houses for them and give them good cars. Some of them even get married without their wives knowing what they are into. The man comes to the house, they are always together and this makes the innocent woman believe her husband is faithful to her without knowing he is into something worse.

But there are still some crazy women who love their husbands being with a man instead of a woman.Infact,I recently heard a story of a particular couple .They enjoy seeing each other with their gay partner. The man goes out of his way to get even prostitutes for his wife and then he watches them do it. Tell me, is there any other form of abnormality stronger than this?

I pity the women who have these men in their lives. They just live their lives either in  a miserable way or they get into things they ordinarily wouldn’t have gone into. I was told the story of a popular car dealer on the island whose wife is a regular face in the social scene. This guy has gone so deep into it that the wife no longer bothers about him. She decided to start having affairs with other men and at the same time as a lesbian. This is not to justify the women who do such, but I can tell you that these women most times get into all these because there is no satisfaction from their man who does not see any good reason to have sex with her except for baby making.

These days, we see men dress almost like women. Some of their natives are now being made to be so fitted with the curve meant for a woman’s clothing. They now wear women’s tops and pants. You see them trimming their eyebrow like women. Most of these guys are not seen in the company of other men most times. They are the ones that act as females in bed. I once had one as an employee. He always dressed, talked and walked like a girl. He comes to work hanging a woman’s bag. It was only when a client complained about him that I asked him to go.

It is something that is so strong to the point that some of these men now sleep with their own sons and their friends. They have lost control when it comes to this that they go for everything. We used to think men with male secretaries are more decent than those with female secretaries. That may not be the case as some of these PAs and secretaries are nothing but bed mates.

To defend this lifestyle of homosexuality, some people claim they were born like that. I don’t think God makes that kind of mistake. Why is it that all of a sudden so many guys are getting involved in it?

I tried talking to people and getting their views on this. A guy told me that he enjoys homosexual relationships because he just can’t trust any woman again.Another,though a lady said: “women are into it because they can’t go on taking shit from men”. She went further to say that she doesn’t have to worry about pregnancy and after-sex-pain. From my own observation, some of them get involved in it unconsciously and by the time they realise what is happening, it is too late to quit as they are either enjoying it or reaping the rewards. A good number of them get into homosexuality for the rewards- money and fame.

Whatever your defence is for getting involved in such a barbaric relationship, homosexuality, be it lesbianism or gay (as we call it for men), is foreign to the African culture. We shouldn’t let civilisation destroy us and our good moral heritage.

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