Burglar Nabbed


The police at Owutu Division in Ikorodu Lagos State, Nigeria have arrested a suspected burglar.

The suspect, a 25-year old from Plateau State who gave his name as Alvert Abdulahi broke into the home of Engineer Olaide Oladejo in Jeminatu Street, Agbede, Eduwawa area of Owutu, Ikorodu and allegedly  stole the sum of N40,000.

Crime Watch learnt that Lucky, however, ran out on the suspect when a man saw him and raised an alarm which attracted neighbours of the area and he was given a hot chase before he was eventually arrested and handed over to the police.

Alvert Abdulahi confessed to the police that he has been arrested on three occasions for similar offence but the magistrate always struck out the case since the complainants do not come to court to give evidence or testify against him.

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“They have arrested me three times and when the complainants  did not come they will just tell me to go and I will become free.”

A police source at the station appealed to complainants to always find time to attend their cases in the court so as to avoid cases being struck out.

“Complainants should always find time to come to the court to testify so that it will not look like as if the police just picked up someone on the street and charged him/or to court. Not coming to testify in the court is not helping the police to prosecute genuine cases,” the source said.

—Yusuf Muhammed

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