Metro Taxi Redefines Lagos Transport, Offers Latest Technology


Patterned after the London Black Taxi, Metro Taxi Limited, a first class taxi service in  Lagos Nigeria is fast emerging as a new leader in the taxi transport business with its high  tech delivery of cab service, ushering in a new era in innovative transport.

Metro Taxi, developed to meet with the ever changing customer needs, will have a huge impact  in the Lagos transport industry through recognised world standards delivery. The major  operations of the company will be in line with the operating guidelines/standards set by the  Ministry of Transportation.

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Metro Taxi’s competitive advantage will be its cutting edge technology and wider coverage  that provides clients with a guaranteed mileage of exceptional value. According to Mr. Niyi  Oguntoyinbo of Metro Taxi Limited: “Public Transportation has been an enormous problem that  has plagued Lagos state. This has become a key issue due to the population explosion that  Lagos has experienced in the last 20 years. Metro Taxi is here to further assist the efforts  of the government in improving the public transportation infrastructure.

“We are offering exceptional value for each naira paid by the customer, while maintaining  high quality and safety standards. Our taxi is fitted with a meter for determining the right  amount to charge for a certain distance travelled, two way communication system for  effective communications between the chauffeurs and the call center so as to meet customers’  need in time, top light for customers to know if the cab has been occupied or not and Global  Positioning Systems (GPS), for easy navigation in unfamiliar areas and computer  communication systems,” he added.

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