Abuja Blasts: Bombers Are Cowards —NLC


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has condemned the bomb explosions that rocked Abuja on  1 October while the nation celebrated its 50th independence anniversary.

Mr John Odah, the General Secretary of the NLC, who condemned the act in a statement  yesterday in Abuja, said it was a criminal and cowardly.

The act claimed some 12 lives and left many others injured. According to the NLC, it is  an act of terrorism which is “indeed sad, unfortunate and totally unacceptable to  Nigerians.

“The Nigeria Labour Congress unequivocally condemns this dastardly act which has further  traumatised our national psyche, especially on a day we were supposed to be celebrating  our Golden Independence Jubilee.

“We also sympathise with the families of those who lost their lives and those who were  wounded in the bomb blasts. Furthermore, we wish those who were injured in the  unfortunate explosions a speedy recovery to full health,” Odah said.

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He said the incident was another sad reminder of the grave state of insecurity currently  prevalent in Nigeria.

The secretary general said the latest introduction of bomb explosions in the nation was a  pointer that security was spiralling out of control.

He said the upsurge in crimes in Nigeria must be nipped in the bud immediately and urged  the Federal Government to strengthen the intelligence and crime prevention capacity of  the security agencies.

“The Nigeria Labour Congress calls on the Federal Government to leave no stone unturned  in unmasking the perpetrators of this devilish act and take drastic steps to bring them  to justice.

“We also call on the Federal Government to publish the names of Nigerians who paid the  supreme price as a result of this barbaric incident. The government should also initiate  steps to compensate the families of both the dead and wounded,” he said.

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