Hope Academy Will Play In Nigerian League


Peter Otteche, the Team Manager of Hope Academy, is one of the coordinators of the Ambassadors of Sports in Nigeria. He spoke about one of the projects of  the association, Hope Academy, with SUNDAY AKINTOYE

Tell us about Hope Academy?
The academy is one of the projects of Ambassadors of Sports. The mission of the association is to bring a hope and better future for the youths.

When was it established?
It was established in 2007 in Lagos State. The academy started with 35 players but we have more than 40 players in the team now.

The academy has not participated in any competition recently. Why?
Our plan is to come out fully next year. For now, we want to put a strong structure in place before we start taking part in grassroots competitions. Aside from that, we cannot take part in just any competition, some competitions are not well organised.

What are your plans for the academy?
We plan to take part in the U-19 Woerman Cup. The competition will hold very soon at the Legacy Football pitch, National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos State.

What should we expect next year?
The management plans to participate in high profile competitions such as Boska Cup, Lagos Challenge Cup,Oba’s Cup and other well organised competitions.

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Where do you see this academy in the next five years?
I see the acdemy rising to the top. Our target is to play in the Nigeria Premier League.

Don’t you think that’s a tall ambition for your academy?
It is not a tall ambition. Don’t forget that the Ambassardors of Sports established the Hope Academy in Kenya. Today, the academy has changed its name to Nairobi City Stars, and they are playing in the Kenyan League. Also in  USA, the academy has changed to Cleveland City Stars playing in one of the leagues in America. So, it’s possible that in the next five years Hope Academy will play in the Nigerian league.

Is the academy based only in Lagos State?
For now, we are based in Lagos but the academy will be in the six geo-political zones of the country within the next three years .

What advice do you have for aspiring young players ?
Let them remain focus and determined in what they are doing.

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