Jibowu, Fadeyi Foot Bridges Are Death Traps


The state of foot bridges at Jibowu and Fadeyi axis of Ikorodu Road, Lagos, has become a source of worry to pedestrians making use of them on daily basis.

The bridges, which were constructed several years ago, are so much in terrible state that many pedestrians have resorted to dashing across the ever-busy highway.

Some of the pedestrians caught crossing the highway told Lagos Bulletin that they prefer to do so than using the bridges at their own risk.

Tajudeen Adio, one of the pedestrians, described the Fadeyi bridge as a death trap.

According to him “this is nothing but a death trap and using it will be like looking for death by all means. The bridge has been patched several times and I don’t think it can any longer be repaired.

“If government wants people to be using the bridge, new one should be constructed as the continued use of this one can spell doom for the users.

“As a matter of urgency, it should be rehabilitated to save pedestrians from risking their lives by dashing across the highway.”

Another pedestrian who was also caught crossing the expressway initially refused to pass any comment but when persuaded, he only said government should build another bridge.

Lagos Bulletin observed that the two foot bridges have become obsolete and need to be replaced to save pedestrians falling of from them, while a portion of that at Fadeyi has been closed for use due to its bad state.


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