It’s My Dream To Play For Man Utd


David Martins Candy plays for Damilola Taylor Football Academy of Ebute Metta.He has played in central defence since he joined the Academy in 2000. Candy, the captain of the academy led them to win the U19 Abu Oloto Cup recently.He spoke about his experience and future plans.


Damilola Taylor Academy have just won U-19 Buari Oloto Cup, how would you rate your performance in the encounter?

My performance was a good one because I was trying to stop my opponents from scoring. Immediately they scored the first goal, I tried to re-organise the defence which really helped us to win the encounter 3-1

How would you rate the performance of Jokers Stars in the Oloto Cup final?

Our opponents gave me a tough time throughout the encounter. They are a good side and mobile on ball. They are also aggressive and athletic on ball but I thank God that we defeated them through experience.

How many laurels have you won since you joined the club?

I joined the club in 2000 and I have won many laurels. I was a member of the team that won U-17 Otunba Subomi Balogun Cup three years ago. This year, have I won the U-17 Ade Dosumu Cup for my club, and we took part in U-17 Demola Seriki Cup which was won by Damilola Taylor. I have won so many trophies, too numerous to remember.

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You have won so many laurels for the academy, why can’t you move to another academy or club?

You are correct but I want to wait for my time to come before I leave. I don’t want to rush to any academy or club now because my coach, Ahmed Sulaiman always told me to wait for my time.

Where do you see yourself in future?

I see myself playing for Manchester United of England. Right from my tender age, I have been supporting the club so I strongly believe that I will be the first Nigeria player that will play for Manchester United someday.

Are you not interested in Nigerian clubs?

I am interested in Nigerian clubs.I wish to play for one local professional clubs here before I move to Europe. But I want to start my professional career in Man Utd feeders team before I break into the senior team

Who is your role model?

I love Nemanja Vidic of Man Utd.I love the way he plays. I try to emulate his style of play anytime I feature for my academy in competition.

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