Fetish Items Buried Under Church


Wonders they say will never end. This was the situation at 39, Irebawa Street Oke-Ira, Ogba, Lagos last Thursday when fetish items were found buried where a church was formerly erected.

The church was sent packing last week when the land was sold.

The fetish items were discovered when the new buyer commenced work on the land. Workers digging the ground were said to have discovered the strange objects, including a giant statue, eggs, anointing oil and sea shells buried.

A shop owner nearby who spoke on condition of anonymity described the church as a strange one with about 25 members. She disclosed that the church had moved to Ogba.

Workers digging the ground, P.M.NEWS gathered have refused to destroy the altar for fear of finding more fetish items.

—Ogunntade Omolabake