Boko Haram, A Tip Of The Iceberg —Bisi Yusuf


The lawmaker representing Alimoso Constituency 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly, Bisi Yusuf, has warned Nigerians to expect more national embarrassment resulting from the state of insecurity in the nation.

The lawmaker gave this warning in his office recently while speaking on the state of the nation and the effect of lack of effective governance of the people. He said what has been happening against the security of the nation is just “a tip of the iceberg.”

According to him, “what is happening now is an effect, not a cause. If you look at it critically, you will know there is social injustice in the country.

“When you are generating unemployment at a higher rate, so many things will happen. We should look beyond what happened recently in Abuja and some other parts of the country. It is just a tip of the iceberg.

“A situation where on daily basis we add to the unemployment market, when the real bomb would explode, nobody would be saved. It is time to contain it right from the grassroots.

“Unemployment is the most dangerous thing in the country, but unfortunately, people undermine it. What happened in Abuja the other day is a shame of the nation.

“I am not an agent of doom, but I am just cautioning all of us and warning that even if our security apparatus is tightened, when the people revolt, there is no amount of security forces that can contain it.

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“Look at the issue of kerosene, something the poor man in the country could rely on in the past has been taken away from him and you expect him to be quiet. We should try not to push the people to the wall so that they do not turn their back at us.

“No neighbouring country can accommodate the ugly situation in this country, it will not happen. The situation has gone beyond these palliative measures they are taking.”

Asked if President Goodluck Jonathan should be held responsible for the insecurity in the country, he said the President should be given the benefit of doubt, adding that the issue of security has to do with everyone in the country.

“What is your contribution to the issue of security as an individual? What help are we rendering to solve the problem? I belong to a different political party from the President but that will not becloud my sense of reasoning.

“We all know what to do but the will is not there. It is only when we start having the will to act and deal with corruption that things would start moving well for this country. I must confess that with what is happening now, nobody is safe. The issue of insecurity does not have much to do with religion.

“I always say it is not too late for him to do something. This brings me to the names he has nominated for his cabinet. He should try and know them very well to avoid turning in cycle,” he said.