Boko Haram Is Satanic, UnIslamic — Catholic Priest


A Catholic priest in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, has described Boko Haram as a satanic and unislamic sect that is hiding under the guise of religion to impose Islam in Nigeria at all costs.


Speaking with P.M.NEWS at St Anthony Police Catholic Church, MOPOL Barracks in Ikeja on Sunday, the priest, Rev Fr John Aniagwu stressed that as far as he is concerned, members of the Boko Haram sect are misguided and misinformed persons, who are determined to heat up the system in Nigeria, throwing bombs and causing violence all in desperate attempts to do the bidding of their pay masters.


Monsignor Aniagwu wondered if there is any portion of the Hoy Bible or Koran that says a person should resort to throwing bombs to kill both Christians and Moslems alike in order to draw the attention of government to their selfish interest.


According to him, members of the sect, who foment trouble and make the northern region of Nigeria ungovernable, are simply a bunch of devils that are being sponsored probably by politicians to cause trouble, since some politicians in the north think some juicy positions at the center are their birthrights


The Catholic priest advised Christians in Nigeria, especially from the north to continue to tolerate other Nigerians regardless of his or her religion, since according to him, Christians, as followers of Christ, are expected to be Christ-like in their actions.


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But, if Christians are continuously pushed to the wall, they have the option of resisting in a more mature, non violence and non bloody manner, he said


Also speaking during the Feast Celebration/ Commissioning of the Grotto of Immaculate Conception of St Anthony Police Catholic Chaplaincy, Highway Police


Barracks in Ikeja, Southwest Nigeria, Rev Fr (ASP) Paul Omotosho, the parish priest disclosed that to the glory of God and service to humanity, the parishioners of the church contributed to build the grotto as well as an ultra-modern toilet for both the members of the church and the police barracks community.


Omotosho, however, said that the giant generating set that used to supply power to all the residents of the barracks is now too old and he appealed that there is an urgent need to replace it so that it could serve the power needs of the barracks each time PHCN cuts off electricity supply to the place.


— Emmanuel Udom


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