We're Ready For Interclub


 Kaduna United top striker, Jude Aneke, said their first home match is a must win match tomorrow, when they host visiting team Interclub from Angola. In an interview with Cafonline, Aneke also hopes to be the top scorer of the Orange CAF Confederation Cup


 Your group Orange CAF Confederation Cup will kick off tomorrow against Interclub of Angola at home, are you ready?

We are ready, we have trained hard for the match, our training have shifted to 2:00 p.m. for us to adopt with the weather. Our main target is to win all our home matches so that we can qualify and reach the finals. With the commitment of the players, we will win our Saturday’s match by the grace of God.

Do you think it will be an easy win match?

You have to prepare well for every match in order to win .

We have prepared well for this match, we trained hard, and we want to do our best to make sure we win the match. We want to reach the finals of the championship; we want our names to be writing in gold by winning the Confederation Cup for Nigeria for the first time. We want to make sure that we win all our home and away matches. It is not be easy, but we will do our best.

You’re now the highest goal scorer with 13 goals in the Nigeria Premier League, do you think you can also score more goals in the CAF confederation?

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I thank God for giving me health, power and luck to score goals and be among the highest goal scorers in our domestic league. As a striker, my ambition is to score in every match I play. I also want to score goals in this CAF Confederation tournament so that I can win the golden boot.

Most of Kaduna United players are playing in the competition for the first time, including you, do you think you can achieve this?

Playing for the first time does not mean we cannot do better in the group stage. If we can get to this stage, we can reach the final stage. Kaduna United will win the Confederation Cup for the first time. I scored three goals before we qualified to the group stage, so you should expect more goals from me. But my main concerned is for our team to win the trophy. Yes, experience matters a lot in football, but with determination and confidence, we can make it.

As a striker, have you gained experience in you previous matches?

I have gained more experience than before. After every match, we used to sit down with our coach and analysed the game. He would also pointed out our mistakes, so also our fans. They often called me to tell me my mistakes, and I listened to them.

This helped me to be the highest goal scorer in the domestic league.

Playing continental is also another step. Any player that wants to progress have to listen to his coach and play according to instructions.

I have gained a lot and I will use the experience to score more goals in our subsequent matches.

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