6-Year Single Term, A Waste Of Time — Agoro


Dr. Olapade Agoro, Chairman, National Action Council (NAC), on Tuesday described the controversy surrounding the proposed six-year single tenure for president and governors as a waste of time.

Agoro told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that President Goodluck Jonathan “should focus more on the myriad of problems facing the nation rather than the issue of tenure.”

He said: “The proposal is highly unnecessary for now. It is diversionary and confusing. It is fighting the wrong war at the wrong time and for a wrong cause.

“Nigeria has a myriad of problems, including food security, insecurity, energy problems and a huge debt profile — all demanding the attention of government.”

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According to him, it will be a waste of time for Nigerians, especially members of the National Assembly to be debating such an issue while the “real issues” are being relegated to the background.

“I am not in support of it and every right-thinking Nigerian will not support it because it is not one of our major challenges as a nation for now,” Agoro said.

He added that even if there was need for the president to introduce such a bill, it should be done at the end of his administration.

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